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Valentine’s Day Projects

As pediatric therapists, we are constantly seeking ways to engage children into tasks which can generally be difficult for them to complete. Children will avoid boring tasks as well, therefore, we are constantly looking for new ideas to help develop their fine motor skills to capture their attention. A great way to keep new ideas coming is by coming up with crafts for the holidays and seasons. As we move from Christmas, the next holiday is Valentine’s day.

Here at Leaps and Bounds in Howell, we are coming up with crafts such as: heart bees, heart caterpillars, heart fox, heart penguin, and much more!



These projects focus on fine motor skills for tracing, cutting, and gluing as well as visual motor skills to copy the project from the wall to the paper to produce the same project. Also, there are multiple ways to modify the projects to address different areas. By using paint, we can address tactile defensiveness to paint with hands or even starting with paint brushes. Therefore, there are so many ways we can use one project to address specific areas depending on the child.


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