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Valentine’s Day Prepositions!

Holidays are the perfect time to add some excitement to practicing speech and language skills. One skill that is difficult for a lot of children is correctly using and understanding prepositions. It is such an important skill for children to be able to put items on, under, next to, behind, in, etc and equally important for them to be able to find objects in different places around the house and at school! To keep it fun and interesting, try incorporating some Valentine’s Day vocabulary.

One activity you can easily do at home is to play “hide-and-seek” with cut out hearts. All you need is red or pink paper, cut in the shape of hearts. Have your child close their eyes while you place the hearts around the room in different locations. Place some IN a box or container, some ON a table or chair, some UNDER a table or chair, etc. Then, have your child open their eyes and go find the hearts. As they find each one, make sure to have them tell you where they found it using their prepositional vocabulary.

You can also switch up the activity and give your child the stack of paper hearts, then tell them where to put it. Give them simply worded directions to “put the heart UNDER the chair.” or “put the heart BEHIND the bookshelf.” This way you can make sure you child can both use and understand common prepositional phrases.

If your child is older, you can make the activity more challenging by making some hearts big and some small. This will add another dimension to the activity when they have to pick both the correct heart and the correct location!

Don’t forget to keep it fun! And ask your child’s therapist which words would be best for your child to be focusing on.

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