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Happy Spring!

Spring is a season of sunshine, cleaning and new life! It’s also a fun season to add some fresh new ideas to helping your child develop speech and language skills! In the next few blog posts, we’ll discover some fun and easy ways to talk about spring with your kids in a way to help them build vocabulary, language, articulation and other speech skills!

Part one: Spring Articulation!

Is your child struggling to produce one or more age-appropriate sounds?? Make practice at home fun, while building some spring vocabulary. Go ‘gardening’ for articulation! What you will need: a bowl, what you’ll be using to fill the bowl (I used shredded paper you may have for Easter baskets!), popsicle sticks, a printer! Fill a bowl with either dry beans, rice or whatever you have lying around. On several popsicle sticks write words that contain your child’s sounds. Then, print out or draw pictures of different vegetables or fruits you can grow in a garden and glue them to the tops of the popsicle sticks. Have your child ‘plant’ each stick containing a vegetable or fruit and an articulation word into the garden. You can talk about how we plant seeds and they grow into plants. If you have a real garden, what a great time to have them help you plant seeds or pull weeds! Now you and your child can pick the produce and practice producing each word 5-10 times, focusing on good articulation skills!

As a bonus, if your child is struggling to identify or label different foods, you can have them identify each fruit and vegetable as they plant them or as they take them out. Additionally, what a great activity to help you child practice following directions by asking them to pick 2-3 items in a particular order.

Happy gardening!

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