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Applied Behavior Analysis


Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services at Leaps and Bounds Therapy Services Howell location, benefits a wide variety of children.   ABA treatment focuses on communication, social relationships and behaviors.  These children may have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) along with a range of other diagnosis.

ABA services are targeted to decrease learning deficits and challenging behaviors.  After being accepted into our program, a child is evaluated by a BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) using a complete skills assessment, such as ABLLS-R or VB-Mapp.  After the assessment a comprehensive plan is written which drives the child’s educational program.

The ABA program will address the areas of: motor, language, academic, social, self-care, and behaviors. When appropriate, the BCBA will conduct a functional behavior assessment (FBA) and develop a corresponding behavior plan.

The BCBA works collaboratively with the family, school and other therapists to provide a comprehensive treatment approach.


Leaps & Bounds Physical Therapy MichiganTabitha J. Kirby, M.A., BCBA graduated with her BA in Psychology in 1998 and graduated with honors with her MA in Special Education, Applied Behavior Analysis in 2005, both from The Ohio State University.  For her Master’s degree, she was blessed to study under leading researchers in the field of ABA including Dr. John O. Cooper, Dr. William L. Heward, and Dr. Timothy E. Heron.  She earned her BCBA certification in 2006. Ms. Kirby began working with people with Special needs in 1994, and specifically with children with Autism in 1997.  She has provided behavioral services in-home, clinic, school and community settings.  Tabitha has developed or improved hundreds of programs to help children increase learning and skills and/or decrease challenging behaviors.  In 2015, Ms. Kirby brought improved understanding and use of powerful ABA technique to the Leaps and Bounds Therapy Services ABA Program in the Howell, MI clinic. Prior to joining us, she was the Associate Clinical Director for an online ABA training company providing training to multiple child care programs and individuals in the use of ABA in their settings and developed a program providing supervision and training for international clients diagnosed with Autism participating in ABA programs. Prior to that, Ms. Kirby was the Director and Behavior Analyst at The Autism Peace, LLC in Columbus, OH; worked as a Behavior Specialist in multiple school districts; and provided services to children as a Case Supervisor at Nationwide Children Hospital Autism Center and IBI Clinic under direction of Dr. Jacqueline Wynn.  Dr. Wynn was previously assistant to Dr. O Ivar Lovaas, whose research led to the approved effective use of ABA for children with Autism.  Ms. Kirby is devoted to helping children and their families overcome obstacles and mentoring staff to become leaders in the industry. She has a passion for helping schools provide effective services, training others to utilize effective ABA methods, and bringing out the best in every child she meets.

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