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Alternative Tummy Time Positions

Tummy time has many benefits to improving your baby’s strength and facilitating development of their gross motor skills. For more information, please refer to the previous blog post on the importance of tummy time.

Some babies love tummy time and others strongly dislike it. If your baby loves tummy time, then it is easy to fit in the recommended minimum of 60 minutes per day. So the big question is, what happens if your baby doesn’t enjoy tummy time?  Here are some alternative tummy time positions to try to get your baby more time on their belly:

  • Front facing carry: Start with your holding your baby around their rib cage with their body facing away from you. Slowly tip them forward so that their bottom is against your stomach. The further you tip them forward (closer to parallel with the floor), the more of a challenge it will be to lift their head.


  • Superman: This position is with the parent lying on their back with their knees bent and pulled towards their chest. Place your baby on their tummy on your shins facing you. This position may be more exciting for a baby who enjoys looking at their caregivers faces. This position allows you to interact with your baby by singing, gently rocking them back and forth or side to side.


  • Reclined on chest: Another great way to ease into tummy time is placing your baby on your chest while you are in a reclined position or lying flat on your back. This is another good position to keep a baby engaged and happy if they like to look at faces or to be held.


Although it can be challenging to improve your baby’s tolerance to tummy time, it is important to not give up. You don’t want this to turn into a learned behavior where your baby knows they can get out of tummy time by crying.

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